Hi, I'm Ryan.

Here are a few things I do:

  • Run a software company I started at age 21. I'm 35 now. We are currently at 36 full-time software engineers and exceed 100M/annual revenue in the industrial automation and natural gas supply chain sectors.
  • Fund, create, and operate digital assets: sites, apps, plugins, extensions, etc under a holdco: Motavi Holdings, Inc.
  • Manage a private equity fund in East TN.

Owner - Motavi Labs
Owner - Motavi Holdings

Hire Me As Your Fractional CMO

If you have had trouble finding, and hiring, someone to oversee your company's marketing efforts, and you're tired of shelling out six-figure salaries for big promises and empty results, I may be your next partner. I don't charge for effort, I charge for results. So if your cash flow is tight, your outstanding invoices are high, and you need someone to help you turn it around without choking out your current resources, consider me as your fractional CMO.

I typically prefer to work with SMBs with between 5-50M in revenue in industrial B2B through either a profit-share agreement or for equity - both performance-based. In order to maintain full focus and quality of results, I only work with a small group of companies at one time. As a result, it is important to be highly selective on who I partner with. If you are interested in having that discussion, contact me. I'd love to help you target your ideal clients, fire the problematic ones, scale your operations, and if applicable, help you prepare for a liquidity event.

Feel free to say hello: “hi@” this domain

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