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iPad Workflow

iPad Workflow
ipad with stylus

Using an iPad like a Wacom Cintiq

If you generate revenue from your drawing, I highly recommend getting a Wacom Cintiq. I have a Cintiq 27QHD and I love it. However, its a bit too big to keep on my primary office desk. For that, I use a regular fourth-generation iPad. Its easy to keep tucked on the underside of my Sit-Stand desk.

Here are a few great apps I use for drawing/doodling on the iPad when connecting to my Mac.

Autodesk Sketchbook

  • Cost: Free, with in-app purchases available
  • Site: Autodesk Sketchbook
  • Note: The blend modes work so smoothly

Adobe Draw


  • Cost: $5.99
  • Site: Procreate.art
  • Note: Six dollars is a steal for this app.

Paper by 53

  • Cost: Free
  • Site: Paper by 53
  • Note: A lot of people seem to love the stylus, Pencil, which is made by this company.


  • Cost: Free
  • Site: Evernote Penultimate
  • Note: Made by Evernote. It was one of the first, well-designed iPad drawing apps.

On a related note, check out this 7,000 word guide on How To Draw Better at Jen Reviews.